February 24, 2008

Happy 20th Birthday to me!

Well I made it. Officially no more teenagers in the family! It is kind of strange I have not felt like a teenager for a long time so now I guess it is official. At work on Friday the Docs always buy us lunch but it was my choice, we ordered from one of my favorite restaurants and they also got me a cold stone ice cream cake. It was so much fun. Towards the end of the day it got kind of crazy and i kept getting told i needed to come up front for just a minute, I was going crazy running around and when I made it up front I had a special delivery of balloons and flowers from Mom, Crystal, and Andrew. Then on Saturday we just had a relaxing morning, John bought me some roses as well.
Later that evening John took me up to Salt Lake we ate dinner at the Dodo restaurant and we went to Kat Williams at Kingsbury Hall. I have never been to a comedian before. It was a different experience but definately a lot of fun. On Sunday Dad, Andrew, Aleta, Crystal, Chris, and John came over for dinner, cake and gifts. Crystal worked really hard to make me an awesome cake. She definately succeeded. It was great! I always love to get together with the family and have dinner. We also surprised my Dad with an early (very very early) birthday gift. We all pitched in and bought him and Ipod. He was so excited it was great! All in all I had a great Birthday weekend. Thanks everyone!! This was getting home after the comedian on Saturday we didn't make it home until 1:30. We were looking pretty tired.
We took a lot of pictures with the family. Chris and I being silly like always!

Pictures with mom and dad, Crystal and I, and brothers, sisters, husbands, wives and of course John!

February 16, 2008

Having Fun With the family!

John's mom Linda and his sister Nicole spent the night in Provo. We had a lot of fun being goofy, playing with the camera. We went to dinner and the restraunt was packed so it was a lot of fun to just relax back at the motel.

Aleta & Andrew

Aleta will be 24 weeks along on the 18th of February. She is excited to be more than half way there. They are expecting a boy in June. I cannot wait to meet him! I think she looks so cute, I love pregnant bellies! The top two names right now are Caleb Allen and Parker Allen, nothing for sure yet.

February 12, 2008

Just hanging around

Silly kitty Toby!

February 10, 2008

3 years!!

January 29 was our 3 year anniversary. I had planned for us to get massages and the day before the spa called and someone had a tonsil emergency. Luckily the same day at work one of the Doctors I work for had a couple extra Jazz tickets. So my date plan was saved.

John's 20th Birthday

I am trying to catch up! John turned 20 on October 24. I made him steak and mashed potatoes! He loved it. I love CPK's tirimasu so I ran out to buy him one , as you can see he was not impressed. But we had a lot of fun, just a quiet night at home.

Happy Birthday Chris

I tried making a scottish dessert, Sticky Toffee Pudding, for my brother-in-law Chris....It was very interesting!