November 16, 2010

Novebmer 13

So on November 13, John and I had an AMAZING day! We went through the temple for the first time. We got up super early, ate a hardy Ihop breakfast, then we spent the day at the temple. We both got our endowments and then we were sealed. What an amazing experience. We had such a peaceful day and we were blessed to have so many people there that love and support us. After the temple and a few pictures, everyone went to Olive Garden to celebrate.
It was such a beautiful day!!!

Some amazing friends :)

The Durhams, love them to pieces

John's closest buddies and myself!

My amazing Brother and Sister-in-law

This is almost the whole group of people who came that day!!

November 10, 2010


So I didn't take too many pics this year :( But we did actually dress up!! I hijacked my sisters costume, and John put his together. We had a little Halloween party, games and scary movies. Pretty low key! I must say the guys looked awesome in their costumes!