December 14, 2008


I have not been a good Blogger lately!!! News John bought a house for us to live in!!! (Don't
worry I am not moving in yet!!) We are planning to get married in September 2009(Not official just tentative), so I will have lots of time to have fun getting it ready. It is in Lehi, just off the 1200 West exit. I have a lame picture of the outside, my inside pictures don't do it justice!

We are pretty DARN excited!!!

Next up Thanksgiving. It was a blast Grandpa & Darla came up the Wednesday before, and spent time with the family, Andrew, Aleta, and the baby were there as well. I did get up at 4am on Black friday and did the INSANE shopping thing but it was still a blast. It was just so extremely nice to be away from work for a while.. I am so looking forward to the Christmas time off!!

Yes our little guy discovered the Kitties... he loves screaming at them its hilarious. He is still not crawling so he just rolls around and grins at them.

This weekend Connor had his first sleepover away from Mom & Dad. He did so great. It was a lot of fun, really strange to wake up at night with a baby though. Andrew and Aleta went to a work Christmas party and Stayed at the Little America in SLC. Crystal and I got the girls ready doing hair and Make up on Saturday. They look gorgeous! We sure played though. Our adopted Grandma Lucille stayed with us this weekend and got in some good baby time. It was thie first time I was around when we gave Connor a bath. He is just too cute. I am a proud Auntie! My favorite thing is to watch Connor and John together, He loves John. He gets the biggest brightest eyes and just giggles its adorable.

Connor got his first tooth this weekend! One on the bottom and the second looks like it working through. He is rolling all over and sitting up on his own. December 21 he will be 7 months old and tipping that scales at over 17 pounds. I just love him to pieces!!

Connor and Grandpa Jeff!! He loves Grandpa's Scruff!

We love you Lucille!

Making cereal messes at the bottom of his sweet potatoes he started getting that gags... I don't blame ya buddy they look pretty nasty!

Can you believe those eyes?
I hope everyone had a good holiday and is having fun getty ready for the up and coming Christmas!

December 1, 2008

The quiz

I just took the twilight quiz... I think its very fitting
I'm a Esme! I found out through Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
Take the Quiz and Share Your Results!

November 27, 2008

Movie Watch

Two amazing Must see movies!! Twilight of course I love love loved it! I have not read the books (I am still working on Harry Potter...) But the movie was great. I loved the actors loved the story, so cute and romantic! I am totally going again. And of course James Bond!! Daniel Craig... Whoa HOTTIE! He is rugged and fantastic.

November 3, 2008

What a Month!

Yes... finally an update! What a crazy month. Well at least the past few weeks. The 24th was John's birthday. The big 21... now he is a legal gambling man! On his birthday we ate at the Bombay house, our favorite restraunt. Then I took him to Saw V... ya I know its pretty disgusting, but they are his favorite. I must say I was surprised it was not quite as grusome as the first 4 haha. He loved it then I surprised him on Saturday by throwing a little b-day bash and renting the UFC fight (which was amazing!) We had some friends, some pizza, and of course cupcakes.
Then for Halloween Crystal dressed up as a peacock and Mom dressed up as a black widow. I of course had to wear scrubs. I did deck myself out w/ some orange jewelry and an orange undershirt. I stopped by Mom's work on the way home and saw all the girls costumes. Other than that we just spent a quiet night at home. Kathy Manly, Andrew, Aleta, and the baby all stopped by. Connor was such a doll as a tiger! I just can't get enough of that kid.
All in all it been a good month. Hopefully November will be a little slower(not likely)...

October 13, 2008

Cutest little Nephew EVER!

Connor has started laughing... so of course I caught a video! He is almost 5 months. What a doll!

September 24, 2008


So Mom, Crystal, and I got tickets to see CATS at the Capitol theater. I must say I am surprised it was the longest running play on Broadway. Definitely a weird one, I was confused a lot! But at least we got the experience. We had a really fun dinner at BenniHanna before the play. I recommend it the food was great!
I had gone boating with work earlier that day. Seriously, I got home at 4 showered, straightened my hair, put on makeup, got dressed, and was out the door by 4:45. Now thats impressive!

Thanks Mom & Crystal for a fun night!

September 14, 2008

Can you believe it?!?

On Sept. 21 Connor will be 4 months old... it is so strange to me how fast time flies when there is a baby around. Needless to say I am still loving being an Aunt. It brings out the inner mommy in me. He is just growing and changing, and chunking up if you can't tell.

Getting a little Grandma Love

He loves sitting up on the couch like that, it is so cute.

As you can see when he comes to Grandma's house he is definately not lacking in attention. There is just something so special about having a little guy around. I am very excited to have my own kids...

I just can't get enough Connor

August 20, 2008


I think this has been my summer of vacations. John and I made a trip to Montana to see my Aunt Darcie and Uncle Dennis. John had been to MT once a long time ago, so he definately enjoyed the drive. We drove throught ID and a place called Island Park. Island Park is BEAUTIFUL! He decided someday we have to have a cabin there.

While we were in MT we spent time the family Grandpa and Darla were there, also Andrea and the boys came to spend the night, and Erick as well. We played a lot of cards and had a lot of late nights. It is so much fun to get all the family together. John was definatley initiated into the family. We also played golf on Friday ( it was my first time and I LOVED IT!!) It was so nice to get away from the fast paced life that we have here, and go somewhere that is so mellow. I would love to live in MT it is gorgeous there. The winter is pretty tough, but the summer makes it worth it.

So on the way home we stopped at Bear World near Rexburg, ID. It is a wild animal park that you drive through and there are elk and wolves and obviously lots of bears just wandering around. They show you a bunch of pictures with the bears climbing into truck beds and standing on cars, they have broken through windows. I was pretty nervous since we were driving my new car through the park, but we survived with no bear encounters. Its so weird to drive by a bear 2 feet away from ya though. It was so hard to get a good picture because they told you don't stop your car because that is what interests them and thats when they come and jump on your car. So my pictures don't show how cool it really was. The park also had a petting zoo and they had 6 baby bears that you could bottle feed. We didn't feed them but we watched and it was so cute. I definately recommend stopping in next time ya drive by.

August 11, 2008

What an awesome weekend!

So I took some time off of work and the Durham clan came to stay. I always love when they come its such a blast! On Thursday Madison & Dallin stuck around with me and we baked cookies and went grocery shopping. I enjoyed the company...I hope they did too!

Friday we made a stop at the DUP museum up by the capitol. Surprisingly it was really cool. Don't get me wrong I love a museum, but I was pleasantly surprised. I suggest a visit! We did the school shopping as well. Boys are awesome to shop for I must say. The best thing was on Saturday Me, Mom, Dana, Jeff, and the kids went up to Boondocks. I had been there before with some friends but It was so much fun with the kids. We started off with the bumper boats....bad idea we all got SOAKED. The picture of all of us does not even show it I was dripping for at least an hour, but the kids loved it. We played mini golf, and rode in go karts, played in the arcade, and my personal favorite we played laser tag. The best part is that we got our tickets at Costco and it was so CHEAP!

Andrew and Aleta and Connor came over a couple times this weekend. So of course I have to throw in a couple pictures of my adorable little nephew. He is changing so much and his smile just melts my heart. He is a doll I must say.