May 18, 2009

Wow I am a blog slacker!

I don't know if anyone actually reads my blog, but I still feel bad not updating since March!! I guess I am not that exciting. Wedding plans are still plugging along. John & I took our engagement pictures this month. So when I get my disc I will make sure I do a post. I can't wait to see them myself!

A quick update, Connor turns 1 on May 21.. so that is coming up in the next couple of days. He is walking and talking just a little bit. He is still the highlight of all of our lives right now.

Grandpa & Darla made a quick trip to our house for a couple of nights. The first night they were here we played cards and Mom & I made caramel popcorn. We were sitting there eating it and Grandpa's tooth broke!!! The next day he ended up at my office getting the tooth pulled!! I felt so bad, not the best way to start of your vacation. I was so happy that they came and stayed with us though, it was a little strange having my grandpa be on the receiving end of what I do everyday though.

Andrew, Aleta, Grandpa Averill, Darla, & Connor

Connor & His Great Grandpa Averill

We are always finding new ways to entertain the little guy, bubbles were a great idea. I think we were more entertained that he was!

Erick stopped in for a visit as well. Again we played a lot of games. We had so much fun! He had a butt kicking training the next day though, hopefully we did not wear him out too much!

Had to post an updated picture of my dog! He is actually so much bigger than this now, but I just love him to pieces.

Connor is walking now!

The newest early Birthday gift. Nobody can seem to wait to give him his new gifts. He loved the sand box though!

A new pic of Crystal & I.

Happy 51 Mom! Yup I made the cake. It was pretty good! Funny story Crystal & I have used that cake storage thing for months and we could never figure out why the lid never sealed... Oh ya we were putting the cake on the wrong side of the platform. Yup we are super smart!