June 30, 2008

Congrats Angie & Keith

June 28 John's aunt Angie got married in Montrose, CO. We made a trip out and we were able to catch up with all the familes. Its such a coincidence that both our familes are from the same areas. We stopped in Fruita and saw my Grandpa and Darla. We had a lunch at Golden Coral, needless to say I was stuffed until almost midnight that night. After our stop their we went to Clifton and saw John's other Aunt Sue and Uncle Dave. I have only met them one other time, but they are always so nice. Its great to be able to just come into someones home and feel welcome. After driving around we finally made it to Angies house about 9:30(We started our trip at 8am! haha) The wedding was at the Bridges country club in Montrose, and it was beautiful! The ceremony was outside overlooking the golf course then the reception was in the ballroom. There was great food music and everything. Not to mention I got to speak to Goose Gossage who is being inducted into the MLB hall of fame this month. He was a really nice guy. Then we spent the evening with John's Grandma Elaine who I found out lived in the same place and my Grandma and she knew my Grandma. What a small world! Then Sunday we did the rounds again, back up to Fruita had lunch with my family then we went back to Junction and saw another relative of John's, Wes. I just wish we had more time to spend with everyone. Too many great people, too little time.

June 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Crystal!

Happy birthday big sis!... I think we had a pretty good time. On the 18th we had a girls night, crystal, mom and I. Instead of cake we shared some cream puffs, went to a movie, and took it easy.
This is the awesome jewlery Mom and I bought Crystal in Mexico. We looked around all over but this set was the coolest!

Of course Connor is our main attention at every family event now! Not quite up to trying our favorite Indian cuisine, but as usual he is still just adorable.

So I attempted another cake... and it actually turned out cute this time. I always do something to screw up cakes when I decorate them. So I was SO excited to make a cake the looked good. I can cook, but I am not a gifted baker.

John freaking out as usual... but ya gotta love him.

On Saturday we went out with the whole family (minus Dad... he is in Oregon) and ate some spicy indian food and went to Get smart... all in all a pretty fun night.

Well I hope you had an awesome day Crystal I love ya! Until next year... Happy Birthday!

June 22, 2008


20 years ago...
1. I was coming up on my 1 year birthday
2. probably crawling around
3. I was super Chubby!
10 years ago...
1. I am pretty sure I was in 4th grade
2. I did a really good job at annoying my older brother and sister
3. Always counting down the days to summer, I loved riding my bike
5 years ago...
1. I was going to drivers ed working for my drivers license
2. Getting into trouble like most teenagers
3. I was working at Bellismo cafe', boosting up my caffine addiction
3 years ago...
1. I was graduating early from High School
2. Going to school for Dental Assisting
3. Been dating John for a little while.
1 year ago...
1. I started working at Utah Surgical Arts as a Surgical Assistant
2. I bought a house
3. I bought a bedroom set that I absolutely LOVE!
So far this year...
1. I bought a new car
2. John and I will be dating 4 years this January
3. I am a new Aunt and I love it!
1. I went shopping... Of course
2. We celebrated my sisters Birthday(Future Post to come!)and ate Indian food at my favorite, the Bombay House
3. I went to the movie Get Smart, which was really funny
1. Went to church, it was a killer to get up this morning
2. Watched a couple of disney movies
3. Attempted to lay in the sun to catch some rays but it was WAY TOO hot
1. Back to work!
2. I am going to cook dinner, probably Aussie Chicken
3. Spend my night w/ John and the Family
Next year...
1. John and I are planning on getting engaged
2. Working at Utah Surgical Arts
3. Keeping a work out regimine for once!
I Tag Crystal, Mom, Vanessa, Shalayne, Ashley & Holly

June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

We had everyone over for Fathers day and had a combo Birthday/Fathers Day party since it was my Dad's Birthday on Friday. Crystal made another ice cream filled cake. I must say Crystal you did an awesome job it looked really good and was SO tasty! I love Sundays like today, so relaxed and lots of fun with all the family around. Andrew and Aleta came over with the baby as well, so we'll give ya a little baby update and some adorable pictures! He lost a little weight so they started supplementing with formula and he is bulking up now. He is definately getting the hang of breast feeding though. Its been so fun, everytime I see him he is so much more alert. On Saturday night I talked to him for probably 20 min and he just looked at me and looked around. He really liked John's voice (I think he just likes looking at him!) Kids love his cute ears. He is just a trooper, he gets passed around and played with more than he likes I am sure. I am definately still loving the life of an Aunt. Happy Fathers day to all you Dads! And Happy 51st Dad!

June 9, 2008


So I went to Sex and the City the movie opening night... AND LOVED IT!!! I laughed and cried, it was amazing. Of course the clothes and shoes were amazing, but it was the best movie! I am planning on going again this week and defiantely adding it to my collection!!

June 7, 2008

Baby update!

Connor is doing pretty good. He was a little jaundice and had to be under the lights for a day or so. He went in on Friday to be weighed and he has lost some weight, almost a pound so they are talking about supplementing with formula to help him gain weight. He is sleeping well during the day, but not at night. He is just changing all the time. He makes all these faces that remind me so much of Andrew. He is almost 3 weeks old, and we are having so much fun.

June 5, 2008

My new car!!

I finally got a new car... and I LOVE IT!! It has been so nice to have a car that is new enough that it does not smell like anyone else but ME! My old car was gross, so I am loving life. Isn't she cute?