June 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Crystal!

Happy birthday big sis!... I think we had a pretty good time. On the 18th we had a girls night, crystal, mom and I. Instead of cake we shared some cream puffs, went to a movie, and took it easy.
This is the awesome jewlery Mom and I bought Crystal in Mexico. We looked around all over but this set was the coolest!

Of course Connor is our main attention at every family event now! Not quite up to trying our favorite Indian cuisine, but as usual he is still just adorable.

So I attempted another cake... and it actually turned out cute this time. I always do something to screw up cakes when I decorate them. So I was SO excited to make a cake the looked good. I can cook, but I am not a gifted baker.

John freaking out as usual... but ya gotta love him.

On Saturday we went out with the whole family (minus Dad... he is in Oregon) and ate some spicy indian food and went to Get smart... all in all a pretty fun night.

Well I hope you had an awesome day Crystal I love ya! Until next year... Happy Birthday!


Julia & David said...

Happy belated Birthday to Crystal!!! I love that cake that you made - it looks so yummy :) Your mom looks so good, just seeing pics of her brings back good memories of our moms talking.

Vanessa said...

Sounds like fun! Next time call me I would to hang out! I hope you had a Happy Birthday Crystal!!