June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

We had everyone over for Fathers day and had a combo Birthday/Fathers Day party since it was my Dad's Birthday on Friday. Crystal made another ice cream filled cake. I must say Crystal you did an awesome job it looked really good and was SO tasty! I love Sundays like today, so relaxed and lots of fun with all the family around. Andrew and Aleta came over with the baby as well, so we'll give ya a little baby update and some adorable pictures! He lost a little weight so they started supplementing with formula and he is bulking up now. He is definately getting the hang of breast feeding though. Its been so fun, everytime I see him he is so much more alert. On Saturday night I talked to him for probably 20 min and he just looked at me and looked around. He really liked John's voice (I think he just likes looking at him!) Kids love his cute ears. He is just a trooper, he gets passed around and played with more than he likes I am sure. I am definately still loving the life of an Aunt. Happy Fathers day to all you Dads! And Happy 51st Dad!


Michelle said...

OMG! Look at all of that cute hair on the baby! Dallas is pretty much bald. It is growing a little in the back so we laugh and saw he has a mullet! Business in the front, party in the back!

Julia & David said...

Shelby - you grew up and are so pretty! I just saw the e-mail about Andrew's baby and am so excited for your family :)Your new nephew is so adorable!! I think it has been almost eight years since I last saw you. I was so excited to see that you and Crystal had blogs so we can stay in touch.

Julia & David said...

Everyone was so excited to hear from your family and so excited for Andrew and his wife! My moms e-mail is shwave@yahoo.com and my e-mail is hswave@yahoo.com. Say Hi to everyone for me too!

The Natalie Page said...

Hey Shhhhelby ... Its me Natalie! Your such a pretty girl! cant beleive your 20 wahooo