June 22, 2008


20 years ago...
1. I was coming up on my 1 year birthday
2. probably crawling around
3. I was super Chubby!
10 years ago...
1. I am pretty sure I was in 4th grade
2. I did a really good job at annoying my older brother and sister
3. Always counting down the days to summer, I loved riding my bike
5 years ago...
1. I was going to drivers ed working for my drivers license
2. Getting into trouble like most teenagers
3. I was working at Bellismo cafe', boosting up my caffine addiction
3 years ago...
1. I was graduating early from High School
2. Going to school for Dental Assisting
3. Been dating John for a little while.
1 year ago...
1. I started working at Utah Surgical Arts as a Surgical Assistant
2. I bought a house
3. I bought a bedroom set that I absolutely LOVE!
So far this year...
1. I bought a new car
2. John and I will be dating 4 years this January
3. I am a new Aunt and I love it!
1. I went shopping... Of course
2. We celebrated my sisters Birthday(Future Post to come!)and ate Indian food at my favorite, the Bombay House
3. I went to the movie Get Smart, which was really funny
1. Went to church, it was a killer to get up this morning
2. Watched a couple of disney movies
3. Attempted to lay in the sun to catch some rays but it was WAY TOO hot
1. Back to work!
2. I am going to cook dinner, probably Aussie Chicken
3. Spend my night w/ John and the Family
Next year...
1. John and I are planning on getting engaged
2. Working at Utah Surgical Arts
3. Keeping a work out regimine for once!
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nicholewilding said...

Super fun to read girl! Hope you are doing great- it sounds like you are! Love, Nikki