December 14, 2008


I have not been a good Blogger lately!!! News John bought a house for us to live in!!! (Don't
worry I am not moving in yet!!) We are planning to get married in September 2009(Not official just tentative), so I will have lots of time to have fun getting it ready. It is in Lehi, just off the 1200 West exit. I have a lame picture of the outside, my inside pictures don't do it justice!

We are pretty DARN excited!!!

Next up Thanksgiving. It was a blast Grandpa & Darla came up the Wednesday before, and spent time with the family, Andrew, Aleta, and the baby were there as well. I did get up at 4am on Black friday and did the INSANE shopping thing but it was still a blast. It was just so extremely nice to be away from work for a while.. I am so looking forward to the Christmas time off!!

Yes our little guy discovered the Kitties... he loves screaming at them its hilarious. He is still not crawling so he just rolls around and grins at them.

This weekend Connor had his first sleepover away from Mom & Dad. He did so great. It was a lot of fun, really strange to wake up at night with a baby though. Andrew and Aleta went to a work Christmas party and Stayed at the Little America in SLC. Crystal and I got the girls ready doing hair and Make up on Saturday. They look gorgeous! We sure played though. Our adopted Grandma Lucille stayed with us this weekend and got in some good baby time. It was thie first time I was around when we gave Connor a bath. He is just too cute. I am a proud Auntie! My favorite thing is to watch Connor and John together, He loves John. He gets the biggest brightest eyes and just giggles its adorable.

Connor got his first tooth this weekend! One on the bottom and the second looks like it working through. He is rolling all over and sitting up on his own. December 21 he will be 7 months old and tipping that scales at over 17 pounds. I just love him to pieces!!

Connor and Grandpa Jeff!! He loves Grandpa's Scruff!

We love you Lucille!

Making cereal messes at the bottom of his sweet potatoes he started getting that gags... I don't blame ya buddy they look pretty nasty!

Can you believe those eyes?
I hope everyone had a good holiday and is having fun getty ready for the up and coming Christmas!


The Durham Family said...

Way fun pictures!!! Conner is getting SO BIG SO FAST!!!! Love ya, Dana

Scott & Lori said...

What fun pictures! Congrats on the house! Conner just gets cuter and cuter! Looks like everyone is doing well :)

Michelle said...

Tell me more about the house!! How hexciting! Dallas still is toothless! LOL I guess it is a good thing since I am still nursing! have a merry christmas!