November 27, 2008

Movie Watch

Two amazing Must see movies!! Twilight of course I love love loved it! I have not read the books (I am still working on Harry Potter...) But the movie was great. I loved the actors loved the story, so cute and romantic! I am totally going again. And of course James Bond!! Daniel Craig... Whoa HOTTIE! He is rugged and fantastic.

November 3, 2008

What a Month!

Yes... finally an update! What a crazy month. Well at least the past few weeks. The 24th was John's birthday. The big 21... now he is a legal gambling man! On his birthday we ate at the Bombay house, our favorite restraunt. Then I took him to Saw V... ya I know its pretty disgusting, but they are his favorite. I must say I was surprised it was not quite as grusome as the first 4 haha. He loved it then I surprised him on Saturday by throwing a little b-day bash and renting the UFC fight (which was amazing!) We had some friends, some pizza, and of course cupcakes.
Then for Halloween Crystal dressed up as a peacock and Mom dressed up as a black widow. I of course had to wear scrubs. I did deck myself out w/ some orange jewelry and an orange undershirt. I stopped by Mom's work on the way home and saw all the girls costumes. Other than that we just spent a quiet night at home. Kathy Manly, Andrew, Aleta, and the baby all stopped by. Connor was such a doll as a tiger! I just can't get enough of that kid.
All in all it been a good month. Hopefully November will be a little slower(not likely)...