July 24, 2008

Happy Pioneer Day!

So I decided to be ambitious this weekend and I painted my bedroom. It is so much harder to paint with all your furniture still there. I used to have just one grey wall, so I wanted to brighten it up a bit... I still have not decided if I like it, but its too late now. So I spent Wednesday night into Thursday morning painting and moving my big furniture by myself! I am so sore.

Later Andrew, Aleta, Connor, and a good friend Kathy came over for dinner. We BBQ burgers and had fun with the baby of course. I got a video of him smiling and he is just too cute. I am enjoying being an Aunt so much. Its been fun because the last couple times Connor has been over he is fascinated by me. He will smile for me and just stare at me, I love it! I hope everyone else had a great holiday too!


Tyson and Dani Hacking said...

Your nephew is so sweet, you are such a cute aunt too! I love your room, we are painting our new house, you did such a great job!