March 19, 2009

Las Vegas!

I am a little late on this post... our trip was the very beginning of March. Someday I will start blogging on time. We had a combination B-day trip for me & my cousin Andrea. There were 6 of us that went down to Vegas. I think I got a total of 10 hours of sleep the whole weekend. We went to shows and walked the strip. We piled all 6 of us in my Honda civic and drove to Freemont street. It was cool to see the old part of Vegas, plus I got an amazing knock of purse :D Yup I am too cheap to buy a real one but its an adorable pink snake skin guess bag. I had so much fun being with the girls and we decided it has to be a yearly tradition to get away with the ladies.

This was our last night in Vegas, We pulled an all-nighter! Andrea, Darcie, & Terri had to be at the airport by like 4 so we stayed up all night. We were definitely a little delirious by the end of the night.

This was @ the cirque de solei show! A little weird but definitely entertaining.

Andrea & I in front of the Mandalay Bay event center. Sadly there was not a UFC fight that weekend. Although our significant others would have left us if we went without them...Next time for sure!

Crystal & I on Freemont street. A little provocative....

The whole crew! We were somewhere between the Venetian and the Palazzo hotel. They have this amazing waterfall.

Crystal & I showing a little sisterly love.

Terri, Andrea, and Darcie. This was the day we walked what felt like 20 miles. My legs were so sore.

Mom & I, such a good pic I love this one!

This was me putting my first money ever into a slot. I am definitely not a gambling woman. I did save my cashout voucher, I won a whole 22 cents. Woo Hoo! Needless to say I wont be quitting my day job. I will just be leaving the gambling to John.


Scott & Lori said...

looks like a fun trip! I am jealous. You all look great and I love crystals hair.

Michelle said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I haven't been to Vegas in so long. It is always fun to see pics from there.

Tyson and Dani Hacking said...

What a fun trip! Good for you guys to break away and go enjoy yourselves!