October 28, 2010


So far this month has been pretty awesome. My cousin Cassandra got married Oct 1. It was awesome!! She looked gorgeous! I love weddings (that aren't mine ;) Then you get to spend so much more time with family and just hang out! Its great! I was also a bridesmaid, which was tons of fun! Congrats Cassandra & Bryce!

Here is Crystal & I on our dad's new motorcycle! Hot chicks I must say!

Next up.... Mom, Crystal, and I went to Sundance to ride the ski lift while the colors were changing. It was tons of fun, but actually really cold!! Of course I was an Idiot and wore flip flops and a hoodie. Needless to say we had tons of fun. I enjoyed tormenting mom, she didn't realize that she would be nervous riding the lift until we started going.

Last but not least is John's birthday! It was his 23rd birthday on Oct. 24. We had a party at our house on Saturday night. We rented the UFC fight (Which was AWESOME) and had friends and family over. I made homemade chili and cupcakes! Then on Sunday we went to my mom's house and she made one of his favorite dinners,roast and mashed potatoes. Mom also surprised him by making his favorite dessert chocolate cream pie. Happy Birthday JohN! To add one sour note after the birthday bash on Sunday night and Monday and some people into Tuesday... 9 people got super sick!! My little cousin had some kind of a bug and it was obviously super strong. So the majority of us spent the next couple of days hugging a toilet bowl!!! I am happy to say that everyone is recovered!