February 25, 2011

A little late... But here was Christmas!

So this post is extremely late! I just started a new job over the Thanksgiving holiday and I am taking 12 credit hours this semester, so life has been pretty crazy. I am happy to say that John is now only working 1 job and I am planning on starting nursing school in Fall of 2012!!
So we had a very nice holiday this year. It was so mellow. Last year was so hectic because all the big holiday dinners and what not were at my house. So I loved just showing up and enjoying the day. We spent some of the day with John's Dad and Stepmom and some of the day with my family.

Connor is getting so big, and he loves his Uncle John. They are so fun the watch!

Connor was really excited about opening gifts this year. He would open a gift and then set them in a neat little pile then go onto the next!

For Christmas Eve Andrew, Aleta, and Connor spent the night in Fairview with her family so John, Crystal, Mom, and I went to Tepanyaki's for dinner! We had a good time and had delicious food!


Brian and Lindsey said...

Better late than never! Good to see what you guys r up 2. We miss you guys too.