September 1, 2011

I suck at Blogging

Well hello to anyone who has not given up on my blog!! I have found myself swamped lately. I have been working at Intermountain Medical Center since November 2010 in billing.. and I have been missing working with patients so much. So I just got a new job at the University of Utah hospital.

I am going to be working as a C.N.A. in the Surgical ICU. I am SOOO excited for this change. I feel like I am finally accomplishing things with work and school to move me closer towards the ultimate goal... graduating with my RN. I wake up everyday saying "Someday it will all be worth it!" So even more changes as we start into the fall semester. John and I are both taking about 15 credit hours at SLCC, and eventually we will both be transferring up to the U to finish up our bachelors. I will hopefully graduate December 2014 and John should graduate May 2015 :)

We have had a pretty great summer. We of course were going to school all summer long, but we did get to go to my Grandpas in Colorado for his 75th birthday in July. We also were able to go to Montana for a week and spend time with my family. I do have pictures and I will post them later!
Now off to class!