August 6, 2012

Terrible Blogger

So I officially suck at blogging. My camera has been having issues....therefore I have not used it and I have no new pictures to upload :(
My update since this spring is not too exciting. So I got into nursing school and have been trying to get ready to start on the 15th of August. They require an ridiculous amount of information from you!!(Drug tests, background checks, detailed immunization records, about 15 different documents read and signed, uniforms, stethoscope, shall I continue....) So my summer of being a bum did not happen!
I did get to see my brother, his wife, and kiddos for a little bit! I have sure missed them since they moved to Iowa. I have officially decided that its okay to not live in the same city, but you should definitely live in the same state as your family! Its too hard!
We have decided to move. We need to be around the point of the mountain... I can't drive 30 miles/45 min 6days a week! So probably around November we will be moving at least to Sandy, maybe Fr. Union. I am SOOOO excited about this move. I am sick of driving all day everyday!
Well.... there is my update. So exciting right? I am trying to enjoy my last two weeks before school officially starts. I've been reading, crocheting, and watching movies. I have been semi productive by going through my office and food storage to help take off some of the stress when we move while I'm still in school. Hopefully I will have more exciting updates to come!