October 26, 2012

Happy 25th

 Happy 25th birthday to this handsome guy! I have to admit I am a pretty lucky lady! This guy treats me right. He is helping me get through nursing school (Which is completely ridiculous I might add) He helps me out around the house with dishes, laundry, and cleaning. He has been working his can off at work to get his sales team pumped up. This guy deserves an amazing Birthday!

In September John and three of his good friends went on a week long "Dude's Cruise" to Mexico. This was his pre-birthday birthday present. They had a blast, but in turn we decided to keep his birthday pretty low key. I had school and he worked. I met him at home and surprised him with a few gifts and a chocolate cream pie. We had dinner at the Bombay house and went to a movie. All I gotta say is I love this guy :)