May 21, 2008

The baby is here!

I am an Aunt now! I am so excited. He is just the sweetest little guy! So this moring around 3 Aleta felt like she was going into labor so they went into the hopsital and they told her she was 100% efaced but only dialated to a 2 1/2 or a 3, so they sent her home with some medicine to help with the pain. Later that morning she felt her water break and they hurried up to the hospital. Meanwhile we were all rushing to meet them there. Once they arrived at the hospital she got checked by a nurse and she was already dialated to a 9. They got her the epideral and let her settle in for a while. When the checked her again she was dialated to a 10! She started pushing about 12:30 and within the hour he was here. It was a pretty emotional day. I don't think I realized the excitement of it all. I am just so happy that he is here and I can't wait to get to know him. They still have not decided on a name, they are debating between Conner, Tanner, and Erick and who knows could be something totally different. I think he looks just like Andrew's baby pictures. I could just go on about how cute I think he is, but I will let you look at the pictures and see the newest edition to our family!


Alicia said...

Hey Shelby this is Alicia (I work @ PCS CBO with you momma) We are so excited for you guys! CONGRATS!

Michelle said...

how exciting! we were the same way with the name1 It ended up being something totally different than we had picked out, but it fits him so well! yeah for auntie Shelby!

Ashley Grace said...

Oh my gosh first smith great grand child! How are you liking being an aunt?! I can't wait to stop by and she her!!!!