May 25, 2008


Introducing Connor Allan Smith

He was born May 21 in the early afternoon 5 lbs and 11oz and 17 inches long!

I just love him so much already!


Vanessa said...

Oh how cute!!! I'm so excited for your family. I'm sure your mom is loving it! it was so fun to hear from you, it will be nice to see what your family is up to and keep in touch! I have always loved you all so much! Oh and love your blog so cute!!

Shalayne and Clayton said...

Hey there! What a dang cute little boy! He is so sweet! Ya I am keeping busy here, still adjusting to be up front and not in the back, but things are going great. I miss USA like crazy though. AZ is is nice, not too hot right now which is nice. Tell everyone I miss them. Congrats on being an aunt, it's so much fun!