October 25, 2009

Happy #22 John!

So for John's birthday this year we rented the UFC fight and had a TON of junk food! I pretty much spent the day cooking and baking. I made caramel popcorn, 2 different birthday cakes, cookies, cornbread, and homemade chili. Mom, Crystal, and Aleta helped me out. Needless to say I ate way to much! We had a pretty decent crowd show up. My family and some of John's friends came over to enjoy the feast and watch the fight. It was so funny to watch Connor around all the "big boys." He was running around and screaming, he even started kicking things once the fight started. He is such the little boy now! The guys usually get all excited after the games and end up trying out their moves. Derek even got a bloody nose... Pretty eventful I must say. This year I made John a quilt. I think he was pretty excited. He spent the next day curled up on the couch with it!

I threw in a picture of our dog... He is so huge! And he is CRAZY! He is chewing up my back yard! I am so ready for him to be out of the puppy stage and mellow out... I will just keep hoping!!


Brian and Lindsey said...

Looks like fun! Sorry we missed it. Love Conners hair- so cute:)