October 11, 2009


So the wedding was great! Everything I thought it would be, and it went so much smoother than I could have asked for. I am still waiting on the disk so those pictures will come soon! So for the Honeymoon we went on a 7day cruise to Mexico, we stopped in Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerta Vallarta. So great, we had a blast. John had never been on a cruise before, all I had to mention was the food and he was in!

This is our ship, the Mariner of the Seas

In Cabo we held this 8 week old tiger. So adorable, but I think it wanted to eat me! The thing loved John be kept growling at me. Pretty scary I am not going to lie!

In Mazatlan in front of this Gorgeous cathedral. I love old buildings like castles and cathedrals the art is amazing. This one in particular I think was built in the 1300s and was just awesome.

The beaches in Mazatlan were PERFECT! John was in heaven. It was like jumping into bathwater and the sand was amazing. They even let us use towels and facilities @ this resort, we could use their pool and everything. Pretty awesome I must say.

At the dinner table. Of course the food was amazing. I spent the week after the trip being starving! I ate WAY too much, plus they had an Indian dish every night on the menu. I had it pretty much every night, plus our waiter would bring us an extra curry or something. WOW!

In Puerta Vallarta we did an excursion through the cruise line. We did a Jeep tour. We had a caravan and drove all over. We did a little off-roading which explains the sweet bandannas. It was great, we went to a little village w/ no electricity just a simple life. Then we went to a tequila factory and saw how they made tequila. They fed us some amazing lunch then we hit the beach for a couple hours. It was just like being in America. They had a wal-mart ( they were building 2 more!) and they had a Sams Club and a Costco. The hotels and resorts looked beautiful. It was definitely a tourist hot spot.

The last couple days on the ship were just relaxing. John bought me some beautiful flowers! Just a great trip!
We did have some upsetting news once we got home. 2 days later John's boss called him and told him he had no more work! UGH! What a great wedding gift. So we have had some struggles! He has another job now and we actually have a really great opportunity to start an insurance agency w/ Farmers. It feels like a blessing in disguise. I think its a trial we needed to go through. A month later things are defiantly more calm.


Scott and Lori Kinzie said...

Glad you had a fun Honeymoon :) Your pictures are super cute.

Brian and Lindsey said...

Love the pictures:) Glad you had fun and I'm still so sorry bout John's job. Glad things are better.