January 10, 2010


The holidays were great. I am such a slacker at posting, I have not felt very exciting lately. For Thanksgiving we had dinner at our house. It was a early and pretty hectic day. My first big holiday dinner!! Everything went okay except John was in misery since we did not eat until 5:30, he is used to eating dinner at noon. We are still adjusting to each others traditions. Then a blur of work, and Christmas was already here. Grandpa and Darla were able to stay at my house for a week around Christmas. It was a lot of fun to have them so close. We went to see Sherlock Holmes, we had Christmas eve dinner at Mom's house then Christmas breakfast at Aleta and Andrew's house. Christmas day dinner was also at our house. This went so much more smooth! I realized I had to schedule things out and plan a little better to make things work! Now with the new year comes dieting, yup I am at the heaviest I have ever been and am disgusted!!UGH and School, I am going to start my prerequisites to go to nursing school. I am pretty excited! John is still working @ APX alarm and he is doing really well. That is my oh so exciting update! Hope everyone's holidays were great!

My first Christmas tree! It was lots of fun, a pain in the butt to take down though!

Connor and his Aunt Crystal

Yes I chopped my hair off again!


Brian and Lindsey said...

Cute hair! Sounds like you had some nice holidays:) You're amazing-Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. Poor Brian got jipped in the cooking department. I have a few papers and a presentation this week but should have some free time after that! School's such a pain but it's almost over. You need to see my belly-it's getting a lot bigger. She's kicking ALL THE TIME now. It's fun most of the time except the middle of the night:) TTUS

Nikki, Chris, Rooks, & Reese Wilding said...

Love your hair dear! The christmas tree looks fab too!

Shalayne and Clayton said...

Cute hair do! You are so silly... you don't need to diet. You look fantastic. Good luck with school! Miss you.