February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

Wow a post that is actually on time!! Yup today is my birthday and seeing as I don't have to go to work tomorrow I am actually going stay up to update my blog! Life has been pretty busy since my last post. I started school and that pretty much consumes my time. I am literally ALWAYS in the car. I drive 30 min to work and hour to class and then another 30 min home after class and my classes are 3 nights a week from 6-10. On top of that I am still working full time, have a calling @ church, Wow so this is what it feels like to have a schedule! I miss coming home after work and sitting on my butt. Ha Ha so I guess its a good thing that I am forced to do something.

For my birthday we actually celebrated the weekend before. My Grandpa & Darla stopped in so we got to hang out with them and play cards. On Saturday we went out to Los Hermanos for dinner. I got to open and early birthday gift.... OMG!! I totally didn't expect it as you can see by my spastic reaction! I opened the Fake-out box to find an extra fat copy of Michael Buble's new CD... hidden inside were tickets to his concert! I am so stinking exctied!!! So March 31, Mom, Crystal, and I are going to the concert in SLC. It will be a blast!

Ya I know I look pretty much crazy right here. A mixture of super excited/i don't know what but I was crying and laughing. Pretty awesome!

On Sunday Crystal made me a birthday day. My two specifications were Broccoli & Risotto. So she made Panko breaded lemon chicken, Broccoli lemon Risotto, Aleta made an awesome salad and then Crystal made red velvet Whoopie pies for dessert! Needless to say I totally overate and about died when I tried to work out that night, but it was sooo worth it!

My Dad & I @ Sunday dinner!

My Mom & I

And Connor, Can you believe how big he is? And of course Crystal, Andrew, Aleta, Grandpa, Darla, & John were there too I just didn't get any pictures w/ them!
Finally today was such a good day. Had great surprises in my mailbox for me to open. I had to go to work but it was surprisingly not too stressful! Plus the Docs bought me lunch @ Bajio & Magleby's sinful Chocolate cake :D!!! Thanks A BUNCH! So much for trying to drop some weight! Anyways, Got off work early and John met me w/ a gift of a Spa day... Pedicure, Massage & a facial. So hopefully tomorrow I will spend my day @ the spa! Then we went out to dinner @ Tepanyaki Steakhouse, which is always so much fun! I am proud to say I ate 90% of my dinner w/ chopsticks.

I have to say it has been an awesome birthday. Thanks to everyone who helped so much. John & I have had a pretty dang rough year so I am So grateful for everything. Thanks for an awesome Birthday #22!!!


Scott and Lori Kinzie said...

Hooray for birthdays! Looks like you had a good one. I am so jealous of the concert and the whoopie pies sound so yummy!

Brian and Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! Glad you had a fun one. Sorry you had to work:( We need to get together. It'd work best for me to do March or May. . . Think I'm gonna go into early labor in April will finals! Let me know when you are free!

Da Bair's said...

You are so awesome and deserved such a fantastic birthday! I love your haircut btw! Best wishes to you, John and your super cute puppy!

Miss your guts!

Michelle said...

I am glad you had a great birthday! You are beautiful. Good luck with all of life's busyness!!

Joy ~ Kurt said...

You are sooo cute!!!! I'm glad it was great cause YOU are GREAT!!!!

Shelby said...

Thanks guys! I feel so loved!!!