April 4, 2010

Michael Buble!

WOW!!! So Mom, Crystal & I went to Michael Buble. He is freaking AMAZING! He sounds just as great live as he does on his CD. He was so funny and smooth like butta(AKA Butter!) His opening act was great to. Naturally 7, an all acapella group. I can't even describe it but it seriously sounds like they are singing to music. I actually had the whole day off work and they both took the afternoon off. We drove up to SLC & went to Trolley Square, shopped around. Then we ate at this restaurant across from the SLC Library called Stoneground. It was so awesome! The food was oh so tasty and the atmosphere was so fuN! I totally recommend it. We had a blast I probably didn't go to bed until 1 and had to be back up and to work @ 8 the next morning, but it was so worth it. Thanks again Mom & Crystal for the Awesome birthday present! LOVE YA!!

All of us @ Stoneground.

We are nerdy I know. But we had tons of fuN!

Don't you love my necklace??? Yup Crystal made it. Isn't she awesome! She will be making more and putting them on her Etsy shop!


Brian and Lindsey said...

Fun! So jealous. LOVE Bouble:) Glad you had fun.

Scott and Lori Kinzie said...

What a fun day! You guys are always up to something fun :)