June 23, 2010


So I promise I have had nothing exciting to blog about. I am always 1 of 4 places, Work, School, W/ my mom & Sister, or Home doing homework/yardwork! But I will give ya an update anyway!
I have spent a lot of my time these last few months reminiscing about my wedding day. John & I have had a really rough start to our marriage and I just love looking back to a blissfully happy day. This is on of my most favorite pictures!

John is away working for the summer. I didn't see him for 2 months while he was in Cincinnati and then finally got to see him last week for a few days, now he is in Salem, OR. We have grown a lot together this year. There is nothing like a good struggle to either make or break your relationship and it has definitely strengthened us.
I have had family visits and birthdays and lots of little celebrations, but unfortunately I am a loser and never bring my camera with me.
Hopefully there will be more to post about soon!!!


Joy ~ Kurt said...

I just love ya Shelb! I miss you! Hope you guys had sooo much fun together when he was here!