November 13, 2011

Wishing I had a life....

So lately my life consists of work, school, and homework. I am going to be applying for nursing school this spring and I will hopefully start a program in the fall. I am finishing up my last prerequisites and they are soooo time consuming! Its exhausting. I am hardly ever home... which explains why its a disaster. I have a pillow and blanket in my car and I sleep whenever I can!

The things I miss the most about when I wasn't a student are:
*Random spontaneous weeknight movies
*Cooking dinners
*attempting to bake
*Walking my dog (poor neglected mutt)
*Date night with my hubby
*Reading books for fun
*Starting new TV shows, and keeping up with them
*Needless to say Blogging
I find myself tonight wishing away the next two years and hoping someday I will have a life again!


Brian and Lindsey said...

It will pass! I goes by much faster than you think it will. We miss you guys too. Hope you're well-other than not having a life:) Tell Jon we said hi.