January 31, 2012

Reading, Reading, Reading

So I have had a little break from my hectic life of school and work. I had Christmas break and then my spring semester is pretty relaxed. In this time I have been taking full advantage of my free time! I have been able to read books.... FOR FUN!

I LOVE LOVE LOVED this series! I can't wait for the movie to come out :) I think I read all three of these books in a couple of weeks( that is incredibly fast for me!)

So funny story with this book. I was in Grand Junction, CO for a weekend with my grandpa. On a particularly slow afternoon my Mom, Sister, and I took a stroll down Main Street and found a second hand shop. We picked up a TON of books for about 25cents a piece. I love a good juicy love story so I of course picked up this book... I must say it was really funny! I totally loved it!

Finally per the request of my friend Vanessa I have started the Vampire academy books. I am just finishing up the first book... I must say the first half of the book was not so good, but the ending is looking up. And, from what I hear the books get better and better as you go(there are 6 books in the series!)

I have not just been a book worm but also a couch potato! I watched all three seasons of Vampire Diaries, and all four seasons of Gossip Girl. I love Netflix.... how ever did we survive with out it!